was founded in 1989 as an European Economic Interest Grouping (EEIG).

It consists of a close but non-exclusive network of European law firms and at present comprises 17 member offices, each of which is legally independent.

The fact that the member law firms are of medium size in general, enables them to devote personal attention to each of their clients, and, when necessary, to collaborate with each other beyond the borders of their own countries in close team work on an international scale.

All of the lawyers have a good command of several languages and are well experienced in commercial and corporate law and in business law in general. This insures that they are able to provide professional and specialised legal services to their clients.

The objectives of EurAvocat  are:



to facilitate the assistance to clients with international business interests who are looking for foreign legal advice within the European Union and beyond its borders;


to broaden the professional knowledge of the affiliated lawyers through annual seminars on subjects of comparative law;


to develop the professional and personal relationships between the member law firms by the exchange of information and by collaborating in the realm of international business matters.